CR Speed Versa Pouch Replacement Knobs

Why stop at customizing your holster? Why not add the same great accent colors available on the GX Products holsters to your CR Speed Versa Mag Pouches as well?

We have you covered!

All of the same great anodized aluminum colors available on our holster accent washers are now available on our CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch Replacement Knobs as well! High quality knurled aluminum knobs that protrude a little further from the magazine pouch body than the stock knobs for easier adjustment. All stainless steel hardware ensures corrosion resistance in all climates. Each replacement knob comes with a new stainless steel M3 nylon insert lock nut and another stainless steel M3 nut that has been bored out to use as a spacer under the shoulder of the knob. This is a complete replacement package for the stock retention adjustment knob.