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  • CR Speed Versa Pouch Replacement Knobs

    Why stop at customizing your holster? Why not add the same great accent colors available on the GX Products holsters to your CR Speed Versa Mag Pouches as well? We have you covered! All of the same great anodized aluminum colors available on our holster accent washers are now available on our CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch Replacement Knobs as well! High quality knurled aluminum knobs that protrude a little further from the magazine pouch body than the stock knobs for easier adjustment. All stainless steel hardware ensures corrosion resistance in all climates. Each replacement knob comes with a new stainless steel M3 nylon insert lock nut and another stainless steel M3 nut that has been bored out to use as a spacer under the shoulder of the knob. This is a complete replacement package for the stock retention adjustment knob.
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  • GX Paddle Lock

    GX Paddle Lock

    GX Paddle Lock Do you run a paddle mounted holster but are not satisfied with the lack of rigidity in the mount? Have you stopped using a paddle mounted holster for this reason? A paddle mounted holster has some significant advantages for IDPA competition as well as general range use. This includes the large contact surface area to distribute the weight of the gun and forces of draw, as well as not needing to lace your belt through the holster attachment to take on/off. As a result, the problem with a lot of paddle attachments is the lack of rigidity to keep the muzzle of the gun tight against your hip on the draw, causing binding of the gun in the holster and a poor draw stroke. The patent pending GX Paddle Lock is the solution to unstable paddle mounted holsters! The GX Paddle Lock mounts between the holster body and the paddle mount and incorporates two stabilizer wings which hook underneath your belt from the front. When locked under your belt, it adds significant rigidity to the paddle mount, keeping the muzzle of the gun secure against your hip. You will appreciate what this does for the consistency of your draw, significantly reducing the binding of the gun in the holster. The GX Paddle Mount will work on common Blade Tech/Comp-Tac mounting platforms and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. Available as an add-on to your existing Blade Tech/Comp-Tac pattern holster or packaged with a Blade-Tech Adjustable Paddle Mount. For the ultimate paddle mounted holster, pair the GX Paddle Lock with a GX Legacy Series Holster! The GX Paddle Lock is currently available in Black with more color options coming soon! For more information, contact us with your questions.
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  • Holster Thumb Screws

    Looking to upgrade your existing holster with the highest quality thumb screws on the market? You have come to the right place! All of the same great anodized aluminum colors available on our holster accent washers and CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch Replacement Knobs! High quality knurled anodized aluminum thumb screws with stainless steel industry standard 8-32 threaded posts that will fit all holsters that utilize 8-32 hardware. These work great in magazine pouches as well that utilize 8-32 hardware! Available in multiple lengths to ensure proper function in your application! Length is measured from under the shoulder of the thumb screws to the end of the threaded post (as pictured). Please measure the thickness of the holster or mag pouch you will be using these thumb screws on to achieve proper thread engagement! All thumb screws are sold individually to allow you to mix and match colors! Each knob also comes with a stainless steel washer to prevent wear on your holster body. Click here to add these thumb screws to a Legacy Holster!
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  • Lynx Belt Ratchet Assembly

    This is the highest quality ratchet system you could add to your Lynx belt! This complete assembly comes pre-mounted to individual links (see available link colors) (remainder of belt not included). The ratchet system is a very high quality snowboard binding ankle buckle of steel and aluminum construction that is designed for easy manipulation with gloved hands. This allows for hassle-free manipulation whether you have the closure of your belt on the front or back or your waist. All hardware is assembled with thread locker, so all you have to do is install on your lynx belt with the included roll pins. Available with your choice of anodized aluminum accent washers to match your belt rig!
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