GX Legacy Holster


Industry leading fit, finish, strength and rigidity, GX Legacy Holsters include double layer construction (minimum holster thickness of 0.173” and maximum thickness of 0.186” depending on material color used). Above all, the all stainless steel and aluminum hardware provide a superior fit and finish with no sharp edges. For instance, the shielded/counter-bored belt attachment mounting hardware prevents damage to your firearm while drawing and re-holstering. Universal mounting platform is compatible with Blade Tech/Comp Tac, Safariland, Double Alpha, and G-Code RTI hole patterns.

All GX holster mounting heights and speed cuts are both USPSA and IDPA legal.

Interested in seeing our standard and premium colors? Check out our Interior and Exterior Holster Materials. Also see our Anodized Aluminum Accent Washer colors.

How to order

  1. Select your gun model
  2. Select Orientation (left or right handed)
  3. Select a standard exterior
  4. Select interior color
  5. Select Anodized Aluminum Accent Washer color
  6. OPTIONAL – Premium materials are available for an additional $5.00.
  7. CUSTOM – If you want a custom exterior color contact us directly for a quote

All material colors in the drop down options are followed by the thickness of the material! Some material colors are only available in 0.080″ instead of 0.093″. If you want the most rigid holster on the market, I recommend choosing two material colors that are both 0.093″ thick!

Using one layer of 0.093″ material and one layer of 0.080″ material still makes for a very rigid holster.

I am aware that all holsters are custom made to order and are not in-stock items. I have read the red banner at the top of this page that states what the average current lead time is and acknowledge the information provided.

Additional information

Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7.5 × 4 in