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    GX VICE Holster Description Industry leading fit, finish, strength and rigidity, the GX VICE Holster is the first holster of its kind to hit the competition shooting market. Have you ever had a firearm fall out of your holster walking around or bending over at the range? Ever have a firearm fall out of your holster at a match, leading to a Range Officer needing to clear the range to clear the firearm? Or worse yet, a match disqualification? Have you ever had to hold back on your stage walk-throughs because you feel your gun bouncing in your holster? Are you a Range Officer at your local club that shoots with the squad you are running, having to run shooters with your gun holstered? If you answered yes to any of the above questions (and I know most of you did to at least one) the GX VICE Holster is what you are looking for! Incorporating a Patent Pending clamp-lock retention mechanism, the GX Vice Holster provides a secure firearm retention system that does not increase the draw height required to clear the holster as is a problem with thumb-break type holsters. With a simple flip of the clamp-lock lever, the firearm goes from securely retained in the holster to a retention-free smooth draw. When the clamp-lock lever is flipped to its locked position, the holster body securely clamps to the trigger guard on the firearm. When the clamp-lock lever is flipped to its open position, the lever itself is secured with a strong neodymium magnet to the lower retention adjustment screw to ensure the clamp-lock lever will remain securely out of your way. No reasonably expected amount of force will dislodge the firearm from the holster while locked. The user can deliberately but forcefully remove the firearm from the holster in the locked position without inflicting damage to the firearm. The level of retention you can expect in the locked position will securely hold the firearm in the holster with a fully loaded magazine in the unloaded firearm, holstered firearm turned upside-down and shaken vigorously. This has been tested with a 47-ounce CZ Shadow 2 with a fully loaded 17-round magazine with absolutely no movement. Flip the clamp-lock lever to the open position, zero retention. The GX VICE Holsters incorporate all of the features and construction details as the GX Legacy Holsters, including double layer construction (minimum holster thickness of 0.173” and maximum thickness of 0.186” depending on material color used), all stainless steel/cadmium plated steel/aluminum hardware, and superior fit and finish with no sharp edges. Universal mounting platform is compatible with Blade Tech/Comp Tac, Safariland, Double Alpha, and G-Code RTI hole patterns. Shielded/counter-bored belt attachment mounting hardware prevents damage to your firearm while drawing and re-holstering. All GX holster mounting heights and speed cuts are both USPSA and IDPA legal. Choose your exterior material color/texture, interior material color and anodized aluminum accent washer color to match any theme you are going for. The GX VICE Holster is legal for USPSA Production, Single Stack, Limited and Carry Optics divisions, as well as 3-Gun. The GX VICE Holster is NOT LEGAL FOR IDPA COMPETITION due to the distance from the face of the holster body that the retention hardware protrudes as well as the tool-less nature of the retention adjustment. For IDPA competition, please see the GX Legacy Holsters! Interested in seeing our standard and premium colors? Check out our Interior and Exterior Holster Materials. Also see our Anodized Aluminum Accent Washer colors. How to order
    1. Select your gun model
    2. Select Orientation (left or right handed)
    3. Select a standard exterior
    4. Select interior color
    5. Select Accent Washer color
    6. OPTIONAL - Premium materials are available for an additional $5.00.
    7. CUSTOM - If you want a custom exterior color contact us directly for a quote
    All material colors in the drop down options are followed by the thickness of the material! Some material colors are only available in 0.080" instead of 0.093". If you want the most rigid holster on the market, I recommend choosing two material colors that are both 0.093" thick! Using one layer of 0.093" material and one layer of 0.080" material still makes for a very rigid holster.

    Check out the video below for instructions on how to adjust the retention on the VICE holster!

    [video width="1920" height="1080" mp4="https://gxproductsusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/VICE-Holster-Adjustment.mp4"][/video]  
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